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Monday, January 20, 2014

another year

I finally sat down and thought about my 2014 resolutions. In an effort, to have more success in the resolution department, I am sharing them with the Internet. Maybe if I put them out into the Universe, it will provide me gumption. Or at least, shame.

1. Go on more culinary adventures.
{ cure our own bacon, raise chickens for eggs, make cheese, turn our weber into a smoker}

2. Go on a summer family vacation.

3. Foster the relationships that are important to me within my family and friend circle
{ more dates with Mike, one on one time with my kids especially Hendrix, girl nights, more solo time}

4. Learn how to use my sewing machine.

5. Create more.
{ check out my Pinterest board labeled: to make 2014}

6. Go on my first vacation without my kids or hubs.
{ Ikea here we come!}

7. Continue to practice kind self talk.

I've already started on number 5. Here's the Valentine's wreath I have wanted to make and finally did over the weekend.

Monday, January 13, 2014

farro with sausage and apples

Happy New Year! Turns out, transitioning from one to two children is more difficult than none to one. It has been for me, anyways. Ha! Also, time seems to be on fast forward with Violet Alice. She's already standing and cruising. That among other things explains my lack of posting.I'm still figuring out what to make of this space. I also received an email from a disgruntled reader while I was pregnant. It left a bad taste in my mouth and forced me to review how I handle criticism. I ended up deleting a post. Which I now regret. You can't make everyone happy. In the end, I decided that this space is mine and what I want to say, how I want to say it, and what I want to share is my business. And I like sharing. The Internet is awesome and it allows you to connect with way more awesome people than not.  People keep linking back,so I must be doing something right. For the most part, though, I've been spending time with my family. Which has been so, so great.  Also, in the end, this space is a record of my family's life and it gives me great joy.

There has also been a lack of Trader Joe's in my life until recently. Over the Holidays I took a job as a fragrance rep. It put me near TJ's. We have been reunited and it feels so good. Let's talk about the 10 minute farro packets. They also have bulgur and barley. I realize I am late to this party, but better late than never!! I bought the farro one and gave the recipe on the back a whirl. I have been trying to add more grains and variety to our dinner plate.  I like to have a protein, starch, and veg on the dinner plate.  So I have been trying to replace the usual starches (potatoes, rice, pasta) with different grains. This recipe was great, easy, and budget friendly. I estimate the whole thing cost about $10 to make. That is including the cabbage I served alongside.
Farro with Sausage and Apples
1 packet of farro from TJ's, prepared in broth according to package directions.
1 onion chopped
1 large apple, chopped
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 package of chicken sausage, removed from casing and crumbled
Olive Oil
In dutch oven, heat olive oil and saute onion, garlic, and apple until soft.  Add sausage and cook through. Stir in farro and season with salt and pepper.  Serve warm.  We had sauteed cabbage as a side. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chicken Taco Soup + Six Months

last night, we had our first annual halloween party.  it was so fun to see the kiddos in their halloween costumes and have our first hurrah as a family of four (even if violet was ms. crabbypants). violet alice will be six months this friday and i haven't even written about her, yet.  this has been the fastest six months of my life. soon i will share more about her, hendrix's love for her, my fascination with having a daughter, and all the wonderful changes our family has undergone.  to the readers that kept checking in...thanks for checking in and waiting while i got used to two kids. xo!
i made this soup yesterday and it turned out to be quite a hit with our guests. it's super simple and delicious.  also, the smore candy you see all over pinterest?? make it. now. so good.

chicken taco soup
2 - 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
4 c. chicken broth
1/2 onion, chopped
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of black beans, drained & rinsed
1/2 bag of frozen corn
1/2 T cumin
1 t. minced garlic
salt & pepper to taste
combine ingredients in crockpot.  cook on low 8 - 10 hours.  shred chicken before serving.  serve with avocado, shredded cheddar, cilantro, limes, green onion, tortilla chips, and/or sour cream.

sneak peek of the cutest baby

Monday, January 28, 2013

baby monitors + booster seats

a nursery in progress...

in one day, i got hendrix's new highback booster car seat and the baby's crib mattress and baby monitor in the mail.  it seems in a very short time, i have watched the baby who made me a mother become a little boy.  he'll be four in march.  i always get nostalgic this time of year when i start planning his birthday and walk around in shock that another year has passed us by. it's harder this year, though.  since, we're also planning to start all over again in may.  in may, we'll start the baby years again. for the last time.  it will also be hendrix's last birthday as the only show in town. the same day i got all those packages i started on the picture book project i have been wanting to do for awhile.  i have about 1000 pictures from the last four years that i am making photo books out for each year of hendrix.  all this nostalgia combined with the fact that i am having a girl therefore i have EXTRA hormones...made for a crying fit while hendrix was napping.  how the hell did this happen?  we've slid into a pretty good routine around here and somewhere along the way i have a boy who zips his own coat, is saving his allowance to buy a trailer for his baby sister's toy car, has parent teacher conferences this week, and tells me a good cooker everyday.  in the meantime, i have a baby doing acrobats inside me who will make me the mother of a daughter in about 4 months.  this business of mothering is no joke, folks.  it always seems after the hardest days...the days dealing with temper tantrums, no naps, and poop in the will then be reminded what wonderful creatures you have created.  you will read a story of kids growing up and away or look at baby pictures while you pull the baby stuff out for newest creature. what a magical time it is for me. for me to be a mother watching the chill, somewhat aloof baby become a sincere, kind boy. a boy who has made the process of transitioning into a mother a joy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

resolve to be good

so.  i am guessing we all have some sort of food resolutions going on in our head.  it is the new year, after all.  i don't really have one since i am pregnant and have been eating pretty well.  i've already gained less weight then when i was prego with hendrix.  the first time i really thought i was eating for two.  turns out, you're not.  so.  my only resolutions are to mentally list every night (or morning if i was too tired the night before to think)  what i am grateful for and what i did RIGHT that day.  as well as, to commit to completing something creative every month.  i know, as a mother and wife, i put myself on the back burner. a lot.  then i start to feel guilty or short tempered.  then it is a domino effect of bad decisions weather with my eating, sleep, money spending, or how i am talking to others.  so, i am going to try to be kinder to myself and to do things that bring me happiness.  i am confident that this will spill over into all the facets of life.  the first half of this year will be growing this baby.  the second half will be taking care of newborn and introducing a new person to our family of three. i am going to take easy on myself.  because you know what?  most of us are doing good.  there's nothing wrong with wanting be better, but sometimes "good enough" needs to be enough.
HOWEVER.  we all have some food battle we want to win.  mine is my battle with sugar.  i love it.  the good thing and the blessing in disguise is that this baby does not.  if i eat sweets, i get sick.  baby does not like.  hendrix loved sweets and still does. i pretty much lived on apple fritters and cherry pie when i was pregnant with him.  healthy, i know.  so, i thought i would share some yummy and pretty darn healthy recipes & ideas with ya'll.  as well as, a cake recipe.  because who can resist?

my new favorite salad.  cabbage, apple, and walnut salad.  we made out on NYE.

got clementines? make this cake.  it's actually not the most unhealthy cake.

take the 7 day challenge.  7 new recipes in 14 days.  jump start dinner and get out of the rut!

make $20 stretch and help folks with real food problems

start planning.  month of meals.

this is the next salad that i'm going to make out with.  i love salads that can hold their own in the fridge for a bit.

finally, breakfast tacos!  i crave protein like nobody's business with this baby.  i made these up earlier and have been eating them for breakfast, lunch, and snack time.

breakfast tacos
1 egg, scrambled
1 fajita size tortilla, whole wheat ot whatever your prefer
1 1/2 T. salsa
small handful of shredded cheddar
2 T. smashed black beans or refried beans
dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt
avocado or cilantro, optional
in toaster oven or microwave, melt cheese on tortilla.  fill with beans, eggs, salsa, and sour cream. enjoy! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

cranberry clementine muffins

while we all come down off the roller coaster of the last few weeks and get ready for the new year...let's eat some muffins. pour yourself some coffee or make some orange tea.  sit down and breathe.  muffins make the morning better.
cranberry + clementine muffins (adapted from how to cook everything)
1 1/2 c. all purpose flour
1/2 c. whole wheat flour
1/2 c. of sugar
3 t. baking powder
1 t. cinnamon
1 c. milk, plus more if needed
1 large egg
3 T. of melted, cooled butter or vegetable oil
1 c. of cranberries, can be frozen but do not defrost
1/2 c. of slivered almonds
zest of 2 clementines
preheat oven to 400 degrees. whisk flours, sugar, baking powder, and cinnamon together.  in another bowl, combine milk, egg, and butter (or oil).  make a well in dry ingredients and pour wet ingredients into well.  gently combine.  batter should be thick, but moist.  add more milk, if necessary.  fold in cranberries, almonds, and clementine zest.  grease and fill muffin pan.  bake for 20-30 minutes or until golden.  makes 12 regular size muffins.
*muffins can be fully cooled and frozen.  but they are so good warm from the oven.

Monday, November 26, 2012

tilapia with mustard cream sauce

years ago, when mike and i first started dating i used to make him dinners that included fish or chicken. then i learned that he thinks fish or chicken are diet meat. he's a farm boy, what can i say? sure we still eat fish or chicken, but not as often as i'd like. most of the time it is red meat or vegetarian with a side of meat for mike. plus, nothing sounds less appetizing then chicken when you are pregnant.  fish, though, i crave and love when i am pregnant. i have been craving this recipe that was one of the first meals i ever made for mike.  back then i am sure i served it with something very expected like rice and asparagus.  this time i served it with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts.  it was as delicious as i remember and so easy.  wonderful for this holiday season where we need something fast, easy, and healthy for dinner. sure it has cream in it, but it is a minimal amount so you won't die. also, last night i felt baby #2 move for the first time (and boy was it having a party!!) so perhaps we have another fish lover in this family. hendrix chose to dip his dinner in the sauce because that's what toddlers do...they dip their food.
tilapia with mustard cream sauce
4 tilapia fillets (or any similar white fish)
fresh thyme
3/4 c. of chicken broth
2 T. cream
2 T. Dijon mustard
heat olive oil in a skillet.  season fish with salt, pepper, and thyme.  cook fish for 1 minute each side in  heated skillet. add chicken broth and bring to a simmer for about 3 minutes. carefully remove fish and keep warm.  at this point you can add a bit of sliced mushrooms or chopped spinach if you like.  if you do then just cook until veg is cooked through. whisk in cream and mustard.  cook until warm, about 1 minute.  serve sauce over fish. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

whoa baby. here we go again.

hendrix made this in preschool

well, it's official.  we're expecting.  for those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile you know that i have been baby crazy since about hendrix's first birthday.  i am happy to say that shortly after hendrix's fourth birthday in march we will be saying hello to another baby.  baby #2 is due may 7th.   i'm getting pretty excited now that the morning sickness is starting to go away and my energy is coming back.  also, if your morning sickness is real bad....zofran is your friend. for reals. hendrix is pretty pumped too and has been pretty great on the days i am feeling especially gross or tired.  mike is like a deer in headlights, but what can you expect?
which brings me to the story i promised to tell all of you...the one about how we brought hendrix home and we had no food in the house.  hendrix was born about 2 1/2 weeks before his due date and i was on bed rest the week before he was born. silly me thought you actually went around your due date and that i had time.  i did not.  also, mike can not be trusted at the grocery store.  i remember coming up with a list of a few things for him to get based on a few quick meals i figured i could throw together.  he came back with cans of chef boyardee. gross.  see why i insist on giving new parents food, slow cookers, and recipes? i did, however, have my slow cooker that my girlfriend, becky, had given me at my baby shower.  becky has five boys...i think she understood the need for a momma to have some arsenal and how great it is to receive something non-baby related at your shower.  because many blankets and hats does one baby need?  i broke that slow cooker out and used it all the time.  it was a few weeks though before i could really come up for air and go to the store for what i really needed....easy snacks + meals. let's face it, actual meals don't always happen in the first few weeks. so, that brings me to what i think you really need to stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer with before the baby arrives....

snack time!
granola (loose and bars)
hummus + pita chips
black beans, shredded cheese, and tortilla chips
cut veggies
dark chocolate

homemade freezer meals!
pizza dough
pizza pockets
sliced meatloaf for sandwiches
pot pies
rainbow soup
quinoa pancakes
whole grain muffins
chicken hand pies

store bought freezer meals!
trader joe's gyoza dumplings (so good!)
trader joe's burritos

  • if you are still building your pantry, check out my pantry checklist.  to spread the cost out when building your pantry just add a few items every week to your shopping list.  you'll get there in no time. 
  • to see more tips on prepping food for a new parents, check this post out. 
  • to see what supplies i think a new baby and parents actually need...check this post out. 

anything i am missing? let me know.  be kind, though.  remember i have pregnancy brain.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

back to school dinner

on monday, we had a back to school dinner for hendrix.  i put out the white tablecloth, used name cards, and printed out BE BRAVE signs.  i put together a little gift bag filled with flashcards, white boards {to practice writing}, eraseable makers, and a superhero cape.  we talked about school and what it meant to be brave. 
i had read about this back to school dinner tradition in a few places and really liked the concept.   i think it is so sweet and gives adults the chance to get excited about back to school, too.  did you get pumped for the first day or were you like mike and dreaded it?  i absolutely loved the first day of school, buying school supplies, and talking about summer at recess. 
for dinner i made slow cooker korean ribs with rice and red cabbage.  just make the rice according to package directions and saute your thinly sliced red cabbage in olive oil and sesame oil.  season the cabbage with salt and chinese five spice.  it's also great with bok choy or carrots.  to make the ribs...

slow cooker korean ribs
3 lbs country style pork ribs or beef short ribs
1 c. packed brown sugar
1 c. soy sauce
1/2 c. water
5 - 10 whole jalepenos
combine ingredients in slow cooker (meat can be frozen which is a bonus) and cook on low for 6-8 hours.  serve over rice with veggies on the side.

i'll be back soon with a menu plan for next week.  in the meantime, don't forget to check out our what's for dinner page for dinner ideas.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

brave new beginnings

today hendrix started preschool.  i'll be honest (and dramatic) it felt like the beginning of the end to me.  soon he will be four, writing his name, reading books, then before i know it...he'll be bringing unsavory girls home.  i feel like i fell into a vortex.  one day he was born. the next he was 3 1/2 writing "H"s.

last night, we had our back to school dinner.   i'll tell you more about it this week and share my recipe for slowcooker korean ribs with rice and purple cabbage.  our theme this year is: BEING BRAVE.

mostly, i think i am just emotional because that is what mothers do.  we love our children so much that sometimes our hearts and tear ducts can't handle it.  we are so proud of them and want so much for them.  my brother once said the greatest and worst thing about having children is watching them grow up. 

my friend, anjanette, told me to try to remember how lucky i was that my kid was healthy and that i could bring him to any school we wanted.  she's right.  my son was born healthy and today went to preschool healthy and happy.  i am the luckiest mom in the whole world to have hendrix as my son.

Monday, August 27, 2012

monday mail + being brave

hendrix got a postcard in the mail today from his favorite book store owner.  he was so blown away by the fact that he was old enough to receive mail and that it went into a mailbox all the way downtown and ended up in our po box all the way out here.  3 year olds and their awe and their story telling are pretty great. 
hendrix starts preschool next week.  i get pretty emotional when i talk about it.  there's parent teacher conferences, field trips, writing your own name, learning phonics...this is the real deal, folks.  i know he is a little nervous so i am going to try to reign in my emotions.  also, i am planning a back to school dinner.  i have seen some other mommas do them around the internet and like the idea.  this year our theme will focus on being brave.  i'm going to pick up a few new books and a writing tablet for him to open at the dinner table the night before school.  then we can talk about how all sorts of people need to be brave in all sorts of situations.  i am working on making him this cape, too. 
so, if you don't hear from me much this week, it's because i am taking advantage of our last week of summer and getting ready for a new chapter.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

forget flowers, feed the family

angry hendrix who was not a fan of carriers.

when i had hendrix i was not too wise when it came to preparing meals beforehand or asking a close friend to set up a meal train.  by the time he came i was so tired and overwhelmed that we relied on take out and other packaged snacks.  which did not do our pocket book or bodies any favors.  i then vowed that i was going to bring food to the new mommas in my life if i lived in the same town as i did.  unless, they were my friend summer who premade something like 40 meals before she had her second.  the girl took nesting to whole new level.  my friend, alissa, who lives out of town did do the next best thing for me when i had hendrix.  she sent me a spa certificate for mother's day.  it was then that i discovered the power of a massage.
so, our family friends just had a baby.  john is a very good cook, but they now have a newborn and a two year old so it's about to get real around their house.  today i am going to share some of my favorite freezer meals to bring.  i typically like to bring 3-4 frozen meals (that will last up to 3 months) and maybe one meal for dinner that night, something sweet + healthy, and a print out of my top ten crockpot meals. a lot of times, folks may get bombarded with meals and help in the beginning so freezer meals are good for when the excitement settles. 
the meals should be stored in such a way that they do not take much room in their freezer.  also, using the foil pans found in the grocery store for things like pot pie, quiche, lasagna, and enchiladas are a nice touch since it cuts down on clean up time for the new parents. things like soups and sauces can be frozen flat in a freezer bag.  things like burritos and runzas can be individually wrapped and stored in a freezer bag. all food should be frozen before delivery unless one is for dinner that night.  this time of year, it would be nice if you brought some recently preserved item from your garden, as well.  canned or frozen would be appreciated, i'm sure.  all food should include directions on thawing, reheating, and general use tips.  also, be sure to be aware of any allergies or food restrictions the parents have before bringing something like cashew chicken or spicy yogurt shrimp, for instance. ok.  here's a list of ideas...

pot pies
pizza dough
butternut squash soup
pizza pockets
pork tacos
quinoa pancakes

what do you bring when someone has a baby?  am i missing any must have? 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

food is food is food

pretty sure we can all agree that food is a basic human need, right? i think the confusion comes when we all are trying to figure out what kind of food people in need deserve or really need. i come from the school of thought that basic pantry staples, fresh produce, and proteins should be available to everyone. also realizing that if you are homeless, a sandwich or pop-top style can of soup may be the way to go. however, i am also pretty sure that if you are the working poor-person in need shopping at one of the biggest pantries in town that you would appreciate arugula donated by one of the biggest grocery stores in the nation or the lump crab meat or the saffron donated by another donor. all this along with the rice, pasta, canned tomato sauce, tortillas, eggs, and ground beef. what? are you in disbelief that there is arugula at a food pantry? why? since when did certain food become too good for others. and why? anyone could grow arugula in a pot for less than $5 and have it to harvest for most of the spring and fall. in the summer they could plant some heat-tolerant lettuce or put up a shade. so why is some food reserved for the people who can "appreciate" its' flavor? because it should not be.
the school of thought where basic pantry staples, fresh (or frozen) produce, and proteins should be available at a food pantry comes from the belief and knowledge that this is the healthiest, cheapest, most efficient way for people to feed themselves. just as the ability to cook for yourself is, often times, the healthiest, the cheapest, most efficient way to eat. sure it takes some planning and knowledge...but like anything, i suppose, you have to want to do it. and more and more, i believe people do. i just think a lot of people are completely alienated and have been led to believe that they can't. just as the food network and celebrity chefs have somehow convinced people that cooking is hard...foodies have made gardening seem like a magical thing only hippies can pull off.
i say anyone can grow food because they can. my son, two at the time, was growing spicy mesculan greens in an old wine box last year. i am not saying anyone can grow food on a large scale because they can't...but pretty much anyone can get some pots or buckets or barrels, fill it with dirt, put some seed or starter plants in the dirt...and voila! you can have some fresh, local produce. sure you will have to water it, but the maintenance on container gardening is practically zilch compared to tilled plots in your yard. and not everyone has a yard. some people have a patio, stoop, or tiny, sunny spot by their parking space. regardless, anyone can grow food. in container gardening, a person would have to spend about 30 mins total a week weeding and watering. tops. while, you can't grow melons or squash/pumpkins very well in a container pretty much anything else goes. so why do people wait in line at the farmer's market for 20 minutes to pay $10/lb. for greens? who knows? but i am starting to think all this local food movement business is becoming a little too out of reach for the average "2 parents working" family trying to make healthy changes, the working poor folks, the single parent, or even the hipster college student. the real movement should lie in helping people grow and prepare their own food. not in villainizing every single thing that who knows who decides is not good enough for human consumption because when we do that we alienate a huge group of people who could really benefit from a true local food movement. food elitists are alienating to a large group of people who don't feel like they know enough or care enough about food, but want to make better choices. people who don't feel like they have enough time to shop local and cook. we should be helping everyone be their own grower, their own cook because when we empower people with this knowledge they will make better choices for themselves, their families, their community, their local economy, their environment. this is the way to make having a garden and eating dinner as a family the norm. for everyone.
farmer's markets are great because they give us access to growers and their delicious food. local food is wonderful because it tastes better, often has a higher nutritional content, creates jobs, keeps dollars in our community, and the list goes on. but not everyone can get to a farmer's market to buy local food. most folks have bigger issues happening then worrying about how to afford veggies or knowing where the eff the veggie came from. and when people throw out phrases like food desert and sustainable in the same breath...there is no problem miraculously solved. there is just a whole other group of people alienated. that doesn't mean folks don't want fresh, local produce or don't want to learn how to grow and/or prepare them. it just means it has been made to seem so unattainable and in a lot of ways it IS. so i am over it. i want to figure out ways to bring the local food movement to all of the people in our community. the families who want to grow a garden, but don't feel like they have time. the single parents who can't imagine adding one more thing to their "to-do" lists. the busy couple who only eats in 3 times a week, loves veggies, but never makes it to the markets. i want to do this in a variety of ways including aiding people in being their own grower and their own chef. there is an immense pride and empowerment that comes with picking your own sweet pepper and serving stuffed peppers for dinner. all in the same day. and along with it, eventually, a preference and appreciation for the home grown, home cooked food.
let us rise up and grow something. let us cook something. let us stop being food snobs. let us just let food be what it and everyone has the right to food. everyone can grow something. they just need guidance.

Monday, January 30, 2012


our wedding was a DIY wedding...everything from the food to the decor to the wardrobe accouterments were made by myself or my super talented friends. even the photographer is our friend. obviously, this was to cut down on the expense but i feel it also added the personal touch that i wanted. it's like receiving a gift that someone made for instantly feel the love and thought that went into it. 
all pictures by cami rawlings of hurricane camille photography:

seating arrangement tree

table numbers

each guest received a hot chocolate spoon made by
summer of orange poppy bakery.
summer is a wonderful friend of mine, as well.

the centerpieces were baby's breath


name(card)jars were inspired by jordan ferney's of oh happy day!

the bouquet was made by my friend and florist, taylor larue

   taylor made
the billy ball "flowers" out of yarn

chalkboard buffet labels

pies + cake for dessert

cake by my friend, suzanne, of let them eat cake
banner by our friend (& officiant!!) michelle

yarn pompoms for the
garland, birdcage veil, and marti's headband
inspiration & how to can be found here, here, & here


our wedding was super special because of our family & friends.  marti, brian, alissa, chip, brenda, michelle, suzanne, cami, cat, kadi, summer, and taylor went above and beyond.  i absolutely loved creating things and cooking food for our wedding.  but i absolutely love the the happily ever AFTER more. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

wedding nesting

mike and i finally were married last friday, january 20.  it was an evening filled with the people we love showing us their love for us.   the weeks and THE week leading up to the big " i do" were mostly stress free and fun until we all caught a cold (weird, i know. we NEVER catch colds. insert sarcasm here) and then it wasn't so fun.  apparently, this how it works for every bride.  not the catching a cold but the not so fun part.  i find this completely ridiculous. 
the most important things to say about our wedding and marriage so far are...
  • our family + friends are amazing people.  words will never fully express the amount of gratitude we feel towards them.
  • i love being married and love my husband.
  • hendrix is a ham and should never have juice.
  • our wedding was wonderful and was made greater by everyone there.

see what i meant about hendrix being a ham?  he was a total nutball the whole wedding. it was his party too. (whoops! all photos by cami rawlings of hurricane camille photography.)
after a week of recovery, i finally feel like cleaning, organizing, nesting, and planning.  the whole house went to hell while i was crafting for the wedding.  i am going through every room and filling tubs with the stuff that doesn't belong there...for instance, why did i have two drills, 5 gallons of birdseed, and 5 egg cartons on top of the fridge? good lord.  i am also having dreams about spring and gardening.  pinterest isn't helping.  mike is continuing to clear out the overgrown brush and it is making gardens dance in my head.  i am considering doing more container gardening this year.  it is much easier to maintain and i am hoping to be busy growing a human come summer.  also, our town may be adding a community garden and i hope to be able to help with addition, to consulting* home gardeners.  is everyone still organizing and feeling refreshed about a new year? who is busy planning their 2012 gardens?
*only i will be consulting this season and i still have a few spots available.  email me for more information or leave a comment below. xo!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

i got what i wanted and there was no parade

ever since the season ended early for clementine's produce and provisions i have had ideas percolating. i wasn't sure where i would end up after everything ended. i bounced around, sat in despair, hibernated, and then all the sudden i got what i wanted all along. my sole job now is being a stay at home mother to hendrix. i haven't had only one job since i was 19. i got what i always wanted and there was no parade. i didn't know how meaningful or funny those words would be when i first uttered them to my therapist and then to my close mom friend. but it's true. i think most women i know spend their twenties having a good time with friends, hoping to fine the ONE. i always wanted children and wanted to stay at home with them even if i didn't always admit it. perhaps that's why i never made serious career moves. see: was a waitress for over 10 years. yikes.
so i started another blog to journal my thoughts...then i never updated it.  i like this blog better, anyway. so now this blog, the one i always loved, will be the journal as i think about what it is i want, what i like, and what i am good at. i have spent since july trying to improve myself ---not overextending myself or my family and being kinder to myself. at this point in the great recovery of 2011, i still believe you should do what you love. so i am going to share with you all what i love and we will see where it takes us.