what's for dinner?

anna spends most of her time thinking about food, reading about food, growing food and cooking food.  every week every month (she got pregnant and with came horrid morning sickness and no desire to do anything. ha!) she saves readers time by posting a weekly or monthly dinner plan based of what is in season in her garden and at the markets or what her canning cupboard has to offer.  she takes the time to not only share her own recipes, but to scour the internet for fresh, new takes on produce focused dinners.  meals are always budget friendly, take little time to prepare, include little to no processed food, and are seasonal.  check back often as the GSW {garden says what?} meals are posted throughout the season and check out our garden food + drink pinterest board for a preview.
1. greens! everything from collard frittata to pork tacos to cobb salad.
2. green stuffed pizza pockets, pork stir fry with turnips collards and cabbage, and more!
3. romaine salad with bacon wrapped chicken tenders, personal pan pizza night, homemade pudding pops, and more!
4. father's day menu, basil tarragon mojitos, stuffed swiss chard, and more!
5.  broccoli carrot slaw with homemade chicken nuggets, grilled cabbage with gorgonzola, and a hoho cake!

1. kabobs, japanese pizza, burritos, and more heat wave friendly meals!
2. quick, prep in advance summer dinners like blt salad, fish tacos with cabbage, and ice cream made in bag!
3. a summer menu that features the likes of eggplant, swiss chard, sweet corn, green beans, herbs, peppers, and more!
4. fast, summer meals that utilize basic pantry items
5. ratatouille, corn + basil cakes, peach pie, roasted bbq chicken and more!
6. summer stews, eggplant in the crockpot, and canned tomato sauce!
7. summer meets fall, how to freeze herbs, another peach pie, and quick, back to school dinners!
8. grilled dinners, crockpot dinner, fruit crisp, and how to freeze tomatoes!

9. butternut squash latkes, fresh tomato soup, eggplant sandwiches, homemade animal crackers!

26 dinner recipes, snack ideas, breakfast and lunch too. take the month long plan/grocery shopping challenge with me!

22 dinner recipes, snack ideas, and more! 

25 dinner recipes, lunch ideas, and snacks.  many crockpot recipes!

23 dinner recipes including lenten dinner ideas and crockpot recipes!

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