Thursday, May 1, 2014

an open (love) letter to my daughter on her first birthday

In the hostipal

Meeting Hendrix for the first time.

Hendrix picked her Wild Violets while she napped.

The Farmer's Daughter

Summer Lovin'


9 months

Christmas Eve

Dear Baby Girl,
Today you are one. You're a May Day Baby celebrating her Golden Birthday. You are the joy of this family.  There are not enough words to describe the joy you bring to all of us. You are quite simply so happy being Violet Alice that you don't concern yourself with anything that would not bring you joy. We could all learn something from you in that regard.
It took you weeks after you were born to even really cry.  You took to nursing almost immediately.  You took 4 ounces of formula in your first couple hours on this planet. You slept through the night at 6 weeks.  Your father and I are pretty much speechless with how easy it is with you.  That is just your way. You toddle along in life. Pleased as peaches.  Unless someone looks at you or smiles at you. You are not fond of "strangers". At all. You are very fond of eating.  So you don't handle hunger well. But those things are easily remedied.
Every morning, I come in your room and you receive me with a giant smile.  And a hug to beat all hugs. Who knew a baby could give a bear hug. Throughout the day you will find me to give me a hug.  In all my days, I will cherish those hugs with everything I have.  You will never know how much I love those hugs. You are the cuddlebug I always dreamed of.
Hendrix and you are quite a pair.  No one can make you laugh like he does.  And no one is as concerned with your safety as he is.  I hope you always love each other this much.
In a year you have learned how to walk, nod your head yes, grown three teeth, sign "done", clap, and more.  You are starting to get on Hendrix's old Big Wheel and scoot it along.  Being outside and eating are probably your favorite things.  As well as, giving all your dollies and stuffed animals hugs.
I love, love, love, love, love having a daughter.  You make me a better mother and a better woman. Your easy way makes us a better family. This year has brought us more joy than we could of imagined. We cannot wait to get to know you more and watch you grow more and more.
We love you more than cheese and wine,
Mommy and Daddy

She's Golden!

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