Wednesday, May 21, 2014

hello summer vacation

School's out! I typically look forward to Summer Vacation since it means that I don't HAVE to have Hendrix somewhere at a specific time. Although now that he is older he is wanting to spend time with friends more so summer requires a little more planning. Hopefully we can successfully relax and have fun this Summer without too much screen time.
Violet Alice is in full blown Into Everything All The Time Mode. It's intense, man. She also is starting to throw mini tantrums when she is frustrated. Plus, she now has five teeth coming in at I'm sure that doesn't help. Juggling two kids on the move while planting season is happening can be challenging some days. The kids are 4 years apart so I sorta forgot how active (and daringly dangerous!!!) 1 year olds can be. And Violet is. Whoa.
That being said, I love having a sweet, lovey-dovey baby around again. Two kids can be both way more time consuming than I ever thought while being a blessing. Hendrix is nurturer by nature and takes wonderful care of his sister. He even wants to play with her 80% of the time. Which is great. I need to work on not meddling in their affairs more. They probably could problem solve better if I just sat back and observed more. But. A year into this new family life...I think we are doing pretty good.
It's always something around here and Violet is LOVING (I.e. super attachment issues) me again so hence the lack of posts. I do a better job of posting on Facebook since I can do that quicker. If you LIKE our Facebook Page (clementine's produce and provisions) you can see almost daily posts like our Weekly Menu, chicken pics, recipes, and more.
Most everything has been planted and is doing well. We got a couple of frosts that killed off the basil, some eggplants, heirloom tomatoes, and peppers. So those had to be replaced. Thankfully, Mother Nature has brought some humidity and that has helped things really take off. We installed drip irrigation which has made all of my dreams come true. Mike is a genius and I might want to renew our vows because drip irrigation is fucking awesome. We are using plastic mulch/landscape fabric on a lot of our growing areas. It was TOUGH to roll out, but will be worth it when the weeds like to take over in mid June.  Currently, we have rhubarb, tarragon, chives, and oregano available. Soon we'll be able to put together a mini bounty box to give customers a taste of Spring.
I'm going to work on our online purchasing and store this weekend. So soon online orders can be placed. Looking forward to seeing all of our customers!!

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