Monday, January 20, 2014

another year

I finally sat down and thought about my 2014 resolutions. In an effort, to have more success in the resolution department, I am sharing them with the Internet. Maybe if I put them out into the Universe, it will provide me gumption. Or at least, shame.

1. Go on more culinary adventures.
{ cure our own bacon, raise chickens for eggs, make cheese, turn our weber into a smoker}

2. Go on a summer family vacation.

3. Foster the relationships that are important to me within my family and friend circle
{ more dates with Mike, one on one time with my kids especially Hendrix, girl nights, more solo time}

4. Learn how to use my sewing machine.

5. Create more.
{ check out my Pinterest board labeled: to make 2014}

6. Go on my first vacation without my kids or hubs.
{ Ikea here we come!}

7. Continue to practice kind self talk.

I've already started on number 5. Here's the Valentine's wreath I have wanted to make and finally did over the weekend.

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