Tuesday, September 23, 2014

things i love

I haven't done one of these lists in a long time. But we all know sharing is caring. (Wink!) So here's some things that make my life a little more enjoyable.

My kids LOVE the Squooshi. They are seriously so easy to fill and clean.

Double Duty Nail Coat. This stuff has lasted through multiple loads of dishes, MAJOR errand running, gardening, and a night out. 4 days in and not ONE chip.

6pm.com. Stride Rites for my darling, flat footed daughter. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Just enough chocolate chips lend sweetness to this otherwise healthy muffin. So easy to put together, too.

THIS bag is the best bag for mommies and daddies. Best part? Handmade in my hometown. Artifact Bag Company is a finalist for Martha's American Made Contest, too!

Kids never brush their teeth long enough. Until now. Firefly helps me prove to my kids they need to keep brushing. And they're fun!

I think this is the best home espresso maker. Plus, Cook's Illustrated agrees with me. Hendrix found me one at the thrift store for $4.95! It makes my mornings better.

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  1. I have an espresso maker just like that... it is always out and always being used... unlike my dutch oven... :)