Tuesday, April 29, 2014


May will be here soon. First we will celebrate our May Day Baby's Golden Birthday. Then Hendrix will start T Ball, graduate from preschool, and rush into SUMMER! And since I'm a planner...here's our plan:

Go Rollerskating For Free
Visit ALL Of The Splash Pads
See Art At Joslyn For Free
Go Bowling For Free
Partake In Kiddie Happy Hour
Eat Smores
Conduct Science Experiments
Go To The Zoo
Visit The UNL/Backyard Farmer Garden
Feed Ducks At Schramm Park
Go On Safari
Watch Movies Outside For Free
Pick Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries
Build Something For Free
Buy Veggies, Eat Breakfast, and Get Balloon Animals
See Our Customers/Friends At Our Own Farm Stands
Play T Ball
Set Up Twister In The Lawn
Visit Some Passport Locations
Do Summer Reading Club
Host BBQs
Get Invited To BBQs ;)
Rent A Bouncy House Just Because
Sarpy County Fair
Have A Staycation At Coco Keys
Build A Children's Garden
Slide Down The Big Slides
Go Paddle Boating At Mahoney
Catch Fish At Salt Creek
Camp In The Backyard
Visit Morrill Hall
Make A Water Blob
Go To Open Gym At The Community Center
Make A Hula Hoop Tent
Go Swimming
Walk Around At The Summer Arts Festival
Papio Days
Gretna Parade
Visit Our Favorite Muesum
Check Out A New To Us Farmer's Market
Go To A Block Party

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