Monday, July 9, 2012

monday mommy

leo + alice

how was your weekend?  ours was pretty good.  we celebrated the break in the heat by getting some yard work done.  then last night, around midnight, hendrix got sick.  he feels great this morning but he is not taking into account my lost of sleep.  ha!  mike is home sick with what seems to be whatever stomach bug hendrix has/had.  so this morning i am slowly but surely getting some things done and playing nurse.  sick kid and hubby make this momma sad. and tired.  so, i will be back later today or tomorrow with some breakfast ideas.  i'm well on my way to kicking that nemesis' in the butt.
my brother spent his weekend cleaning his basement and he found some old pictures of our grandparents.  i am not sure when the one above was taken, but i love it.  until recently, i had only seen one picture of my grandfather.  he died long before i was born.  my father looks a lot like his dad.  you can read more about alice here and here.

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