Thursday, July 5, 2012

the oven and my nemesis

i don't remember the last time i turned on my oven on.  i have only used the stovetop three times in the past two weeks.  mostly, i have been cooking dinner like it is 1995...on my george forman grill, in the crockpot and in the toaster oven.  i long to turn my oven on to make some pie. but i refuse to do such a thing to myself when it is 100 degrees outside. so what have i been cooking? among others: sausage & peppers, grilled zucchini ribbon salad, pasta carbonara, cheeseburgers, sausage stuffed swiss chard, kielbasa with latkes and shrimp tarragon rolls. only a couple more days and the heat wave will be broken.  hopefully. it brings some rain. the corn needs it.  i need it.  i got big plans to do some breakfast freezer cooking.  breakfast and i have been fighting lately.  i cannot bear to make anymore eggs for hendrix, but i have no backup plan.  if i don't have a plan, then i turn hangry. hangry is a condition where mommy turns crazed and angry with hunger right around 10 am.  it's not pretty.  however, the last two mornings i have made breakfast grilled cheese.  cream cheese, berries, a drizzle of honey on wheat bread grilled guessed it! the george foreman.  what do ya'll eat for breakfast? 

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