Tuesday, May 15, 2012

welcome to summer

welcome to summer party! found here!
summer is almost here!!  i am thrilled to have hendrix all to myself.  we opted out of any lessons, classes, or sports for the summer.   soccer was sort of a disaster (story for another time) so we learned our lesson and are going to wait another year or two before we commit to the daily/weekly shuffle to activities.  he's three so i think he's going to be okay. ha!  i do have a very loose list of summer plans and goals for our family, though.  what are your plans?  did you check out the list of free stuff happening in our area?  or did you see this list of places to visit in nebraska? 

here is what i have in mind for our family.....

make tents
eat smores
nurture our garden, so we can try these recipes
go on a roadtrip to somewhere in nebraska
be bored
go swimming
eat ice cream, popsicles, and other cold treats
go to the sarpy county fair
overdo it on watermelon
build our chicken coop
do free stuff
camp in the yard (we live on 180 acres, so there is plenty of "yard")
take part in the summer reading program at the library
build a sandbox for hendrix
hang a tire swing
run through the sprinkler
have potluck bbqs with our friends and family

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