Thursday, July 19, 2012

GSW::nine {meal plan}

this week i have been surrounded by busy, busy ladies.  some of them already mommas.  others getting ready to be mommas.  some not mommas.  all of them busy and hoping to get a home cooked meal on the table.  so this meal plan will make use of basic pantry items.  it will still celebrate the bounty of summer produce, but it will mostly be dinners you can throw together when you walk in the door from a long day of being super woman. all them will take no longer than it takes to make a box of macaroni + cheese. as always, try to get some dinner prep done the morning of or the night chop the veggies for dinner, thaw the meat, pound chicken out, etc. you'll start out the day feeling pretty accomplished and then when dinner comes, you will have saved yourself some extra time.

1. easy shrimp tacos

2. sesame noodles with chicken, cucumbers, and snap peas

3. blt's add some avocado
 make the blt with your favorite tomatoes and add some sliced avocado for extra protein.

4. green bean, mushroom, and sausage skillet supper
put a pot of water on to boil. heat oil in a skillet, add 1/2 chopped red onion and 2 chopped sausage links.  saute until sausage is cooked through and onion is soft. add 1 container of mushrooms, sliced and cook until soft.  meanwhile, boil a generous handful of green beans for 3 minutes. add a 1 T. minced garlic to the pan and cook 30 seconds. add drained green beans. add a couple glugs of white wine and simmer.  season with salt and pepper.  let simmer for 5 minutes.  serve with blue cheese on top and crusty bread on the side.

5.  chili rubbed chicken with avocado, corn, tomato, and shredded spinach

instead of dessert, how about some time saving and organizing tools?
my printable pantry checklist
my printable menu plan + grocery list worksheet

after all of this {super}woman's work, you're going to need a drink....
stone fruit sangria

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