Monday, April 16, 2012

finding the calm

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how do you all deal with life's stresses?  i find afternoon lattes, clean sinks, list making, making smoothies with h., and family time with my loves are the way i cope best.  my mom's husband died and she has been less than receptive when it comes to taking our advice and help.  mike's company is also in the throes of busy season, plus, it is planting season.  it makes for long days, short nights, and little together time.  i find the older i get, the better i get, at recognizing when taking a coffee break and watching a video will be helpful to my mind AND spirits.  i also now know that if i let the chores pile up or eat crap food that i will feel even worse and more stressed out.  i've been really trying to devote my mondays to getting prepped for the week's meals by making a mason jar of salad dressing, thawing meat or made ahead dinners, and making granola.
how helpful all this enlightenment would of been in my early 20's. i guess that time was for being as drunk and crazy as possible. 
i have had the opportunity to allow my ideas percolate more and more.  so that is a good thing.  perhaps one day i will be able to verbalize them.  also, i have been helping mike's cousin with her garden plan and she is testing a new growing system of has been really fun to talk gardening with someone so eager to learn and eager to feed her family well. 
mike and i also managed to till up and compost (20 wheelbarrows full!!) our large garden area where we will be growing our hot weather stuff.  the cole crops are doing well, we have already been munching on kale and herbs. in april!!
i just wanted to check in with you all.  in the meantime, here is what we are eating this week if you are still looking for ideas on what to make for dinner.  some of it is not the healthiest but comfort food is where it is at this week. may you all be well and do share your ideas for de-stressing.

weekly menu
slowcooker chili
baked sausages with potatoes + apples
buffalo chicken sandwiches with oven fries & salad
chicken wing pizza with salad
cheeseburger macaroni with veggie slaw
meatloaf with roasted potatoes + cabbage
kale + feta pizza
spaghetti carbonara

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