Friday, June 1, 2012

GSW {garden say what?}: menu dous

howdy!  me and my garden had so much fun telling you what to eat last week that we are, i got such a nice response i thought i would do this weekly.  you're welcome for the unsolicted menu planning.

the plan....
1. green stuffed pizza pockets with salad
2. slow cooker ribs with sauteed turnip greens and arugula pesto potato salad {weekend dinner alert!}*
3. greek burgers with tzatziti sauce on pita with a spinach, feta, red onion salad
4. pork stirfry with turnips and spicy collards + cabbage*
5. kale salad with avocado, parmesan, beans, and avocado

you need a dessert to bring to the BBQ....
rhubarb snacking cake

you porch is calling you and demands you bring a cocktail?
rhubarb mint lemondade with vodka added

*for the potato salad i am just tossing cooked and barely cooled baby potatoes in arugula pesto.  feel free to use whatever you like.  the ribs are cooked all day in a slow cooker and finished on the grill for about 6 minutes.  this makes a great weekend meal, but is simple enough for a weeknight.
*for the stirfry, just make your favorite recipe subbing in or adding turnips, thinly sliced.  serve with rice and the spicy collards + cabbage.

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