Tuesday, February 26, 2013

march: month of meals

printable found here

i have no idea what happened to the month of february.  all i know is that is almost over, i only have 10 weeks left of this pregnancy, and it's time to go to the grocery store again. february was weird in the dinner department.  i had a lot more leftovers then i thought i would and was lazy (think frozen pizzas and ravioli) more than normal. also, we had a few family dinners and events that i forgot to factor into my planning. i am growing a human, so that is my excuse.  so some recipes did not get made and that is why you see them on this month's meal plan, as well.  looks like my grocery bill will be quite cheap this month! speaking of, in case you missed it, the lincoln journal star interviewed me about my grocery shopping habits.  you can read the article here.

1. stout corned beef with roasted potatoes, cabbage, and carrots (st. patty's day)
2. slowcooker potato soup (lenten dinner)
3. chicken and sausage pot pies
4. fish sandwiches with sweet potato fries + coleslaw (lenten dinner)
5. spinach + shroom lasagna (lenten dinner)
6. beef + scallion skewers with bok choy
7. crockpot salisbury steak with potatoes and veggies
8. spaghetti + meatballs with salad and garlic bread (hendrix's birthday dinner)
9. crockpot asian pork + mushrooms
10. crockpot stuffed peppers
11. tortellini soup (lenten dinner)
12. white beans with spinach, shrimp + feta (lenten dinner)
13. baked sausages + latkes
14. parmesan chicken cutlets with salad
15. rueben bake (use leftover corned beef)
16. yogurt marinated chicken + creamy greek sauce
17. chicken enchilada puffs
18. steak salad
19. sloppy joes with zuke fries
20. meatball subs with salad (use leftover meatballs)
21. grilled pork tenderloin with black bean salsa
22. vension roast with roasted veggies + mashed potatoes
23. macaroni + cheese 

noodle soup (ramen noodles without the gross flavor packet amped up with shredded veggies)
greek couscous salad (couscous, tomato, cukes, scallions, feta, olive oil, and lemon)
cabbage, apple, + walnut salad

breakfast tacos
granola + yogurt

cut veggies
goldfish crackers

* if there is no link that is because i either just make it up or figure it is basic enough for everyone to figure out (i.e. spaghetti + meatballs)
** for more dinner ideas or monthly meal plans, check out the what's for dinner page.
i'll (hopefully) be back later this month to talk about hendrix's john deere birthday party, easter dessert ideas, and how our cooking class at the heart ministry center goes next week.

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