Tuesday, July 17, 2012

liz asks about lemon verbena

liz asks: It's not a vegetable but I'd love any tips for an overabundance of lemon verbena. It is threatening to take over the lawn, and we only have a tiny garden. It has already eaten two footballs...

clementine's says: right off the top of my head...why not make some sun/ice tea and add the lemon verbena in with the tea bags or just brew it with the lemon verbena and some citrus peels? or make a homemade infused vinegar or...infused vodka with it? or a lemon verbena simple syrup to add to cocktails or sparkling water? oh, lemon verbena scones?!? you could make a double batch and freeze them.  also, how about chopping some up and throwing it into your salads to add some flavor and brightness. or drying it and making a fragrant wreath/flower arrangement.

to infuse vinegar: go here.
to infuse vodka: go here.
to make sun tea + simple syrup: go here.
to make scones: go here.

clementine's asks: what do you think liz should do with her aggressive lemon verbena?

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