Friday, April 27, 2012

gardening + parenting

yesterday, hendrix and i planted some more carrots & beets. while, i was prepping the beds i asked him to fill a bucket with compost before we planted the carrots.  he replied, "because they're hungry?". promptly, he got a bucket and filled it without any help or questions.  i was amazed.  he has been displaying a lot of gardening and cooking knowledge, lately.  almost like it is second nature.  then it occured to me that the cooking and gardening that he and i have been doing his whole life was finally starting to rub off. he was getting it!! 
i visited with the ladies of the pathway program this week.  we focused on ways to get and keep their homes/lives organized.  as well as, how to work with their children to contribute thorough chores and meal prep.  we looked at ways to incorporate family calendars, chore charts, meal plans, and budget plans into their everyday lives. while, i was there one of the ladies shared with me that she had used some of my cooking tips (from our last class) with her children and they were now eating salmon*!! we all had a great time thinking of ways we could involve our children in the housework and what lessons they would take from it. 
if you are interested in gardening this week, why don't you check out the community garden at the heart ministry center on wednesday.  they'll be working and planting beginning at 5pm.

also, you can set up your own garden AND help the center by going to the plant sale.

*fyi: you can get a pretty good sized bag of frozen salmon for $4.99 at aldi.  and it is good!

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