Thursday, June 14, 2012

GSW:four {father's day edition}

the twins are merry

sunday is father's day, folks.  so stock up on beers.  take the kids out of the house. come back. grill some steaks and tell dad you love him.  this week for the {garden says what?} meal plan i am going to include a few recipes for father's day, plus some dinner ideas for next week.  you'll notice some new veggies + herbs on the dinner menu...beets, basil, green beans, and more.  the early spring has been good to us here in nebraska so even some early zucchini has been making appearances at the markets.  i know i already have cherry tomatoes getting ready to ripen. so, enjoy!


breakfast: chicken fried steak + eggs with hashbrowns
and guinness bloody mary's

lunch: fancy hot dog bar

dinner: grilled rib eyes with stuffed tarragon mushrooms
and horseradish swiss chard

dessert: sour cherry pie

1. shrimp tarragon rolls with roasted broccoli
prepare the shrimp as directed in the recipe but instead of making it crostini style just fill hollowed out hoagie rolls with your filling.  roast broccoli your favorite way and enjoy!

2. beet, arugula, and goat cheese grilled cheese with tarragon bean salad

3. sausage stuffed swiss chard with roasted spring potatoes
potatoes are ready!! i like to toss mine in olive oil, salt, pepper, and lots of fresh herbs before roasting.

4. french onion burgers with beet + potato chips
simply mix 1 pkg. on onion soup mix in with 1 1/2 lbs of ground meat and a bit of worcestershire sauce.  form into patties and cook.  meanwhile, saute mushrooms.  construct burgers with mushrooms and provolone cheese. serve with chips.

5. grilled chicken with zucchini ribbon salad

it's summer.  have a cocktail....
basil tarragon mojitos

snack time is all the time...
emerald hummus

i'll be back tomorrow with {things i love this week} and then i will be signing off early to enjoy the weekend with some of my favorite people.

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